Baryn Futa’s art collection is the envy of many collectors today

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Few people would dispute the notion that the arts are worth supporting. But for some reason this widespread support for the idea of donating to the arts does not manifest into actual support or donations for the artists or for the arts generally. People know how important it is, but they assume that someone else will support the arts in their stead. Baryn Futa is the exception to that rule, he is a true patron of the arts who has gone to great lengths to support a wider public appreciation of the arts. Baryn Futa has undoubtedly achieved his goal, too, but is continually striving to provide an even wider audience for the fine arts.

Baryn Futa only became interested in the arts after his retirement. He soon discovered that he wanted to know more about the fine arts and got involved with the Denver Art Museum. This led him to want to learn more about the fine arts. He took classes, both online and offline, and then attended art fairs, went to museums, and started his own art collection. Baryn Futa’s more advanced understanding of the arts brought him to appreciate contemporary art above all others and specifically to enjoy time based media.

Baryn Futa’s art collection is the envy of many collectors today. He regularly loans pieces from his collection out to museums and to art exhibits. Additionally, he is a member of some of the most well known museums in the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim.